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You're new to Chess and want a single page print-out of the Basic Chess Moves, which you can quickly and easily refer to during games.

The Cheat Sheet we've prepared for you gives the barest of information you'll need to understand how the Pawns and Pieces move and capture.

See the Recommended Links, below for pages you'll find useful, when you've "outgrown' the Cheat Sheet.

PDF - Cheat Sheet - Beginners Chess Moves

How to Save the PDF to your Computer

  1. Click the image link, above - the PDF will open in a new tab or window in your Web Browser.

PDF - Save To Computer - Animated
  1. Towards the top left of the PDF viewer, you'll find a 'disk' icon ... Click it and choose where to Save the PDF, on your computer (Saving to the Desktop is always a good idea).

If you like the PDF Cheat Sheet, you're welcome to attach it in an email to friends, family, or the Dalai Lama.

Contact Us, if you have any suggestions for improving the Cheat Sheet - anything you'd like to see, we'll consider updating.

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KEYWORD: Chess Moves For Beginners Cheat Sheet Print
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