Chess History Guide

Chess History Guide
- Index - - Chess History GuideThis guide looks at how chess has evolved over the eons. Discover who is believed to have invented chess, how it spread across the western world, and other interesting insights into this multi-faceted game.

Who Invented Chess?

Chess History Guide - Who Invented Chess?

How did modern Chess become what we know it to be today?

To get closer to the answer, we start with where we're at today and work backwards, with what historical records have compiled...


Chess Style Evolution

Chess History Guide - Chess Style Evolution

This guide looks at four distinct styles that have developed, which date back to around the late 1700s. Chess Styles include the:

  • Romantic Style
  • English Style
  • Classical Style
  • Hypermodern Style

Medieval Chess

Chess History Guide - Medieval Chess

This guide is based on research by Edinburgh University Chess Club.

Discover how the Pawns and Pieces moved, in comparison with the modern game.

Find out when Checkmate occurred, when it didn't, and an Endgame situation known as "Baremate".


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