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It's likely you're searching for a proper, physical Chessboard, which has the numbers and letters for the Ranks & Files stamped around the edges.

I thought there would be a greater selection of Chessboards with the Notation coordinates running along the side, but there weren't many to choose ... Here are two examples.

The first is a proper wooden Board:

KQA - Notation - Chess Board with Annotations
Mahogany & White Birch 16-19"

This second example uses the same material used in mouse mats and is aimed particularly at Chess Clubs and schools, as it's machine washable and 'cheap', "like the budgie":

KQA - Notation - Chess Board with Annotations - Mousemat Style
55mm Mousepad Mat

If you're not after a physical Chessboard with Notation coordinates, but just want an image to refer to, the following graphic has all you need:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Naming Squares

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