Beginners Chess Guide
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Beginners Chess Guide Graphic - Animated Beginners Chess Guide Top Tip ... Open SparkChess, or your preferred Chess program, so you can learn from this Beginners Guide to Chess, by putting the theory into practice.

"You at the back, Pay Attention" ...

Right then, if you're new to chess, here's the nitty gritty stuff you need to know that'll set you up nicely for the more meaty Strategies.

Actually, this is just an introduction to the Beginners info - but this Index page gives the low-down of what you can find out about.

Beginners Chess Guide
Section 1

Section 1 deals with the Chessboard setup, while it also introduces the Chess Pieces and breezes through some of the Basic Rules that lay the foundation for all successful strategies with these beginners chess guides.

Basic Chess Rules

Beginners Chess Teaser rules

For those who have a hate-hate relationship with reading Rules, we've 'trimmed down' the Full list of Chess Rules/Laws, to just the stuff you need to know, so you get playing, real-quick, like.

And if you do want to know more, we link directly to the World Chess Federation's Handbook, governing their Laws of Chess ...


The Chess Pieces

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Whether you begin a game as Black or White, each player begins with a set of 6 different pieces, made up of 8 Pawns, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, a Queen, and a King, for a combined force of 16 ...


Chess Board Setup

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Starting with the board itself, you'll need to know which way up is correct, before learning which pieces go on which squares - Pawns and Rooks are easiest to place, but do you know which side the King and Queen go? ...


Annotated Chess

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Just a little bit of mathematical jiggery-pokery, going on here ...

Getting to grips with Chess Annotation will enable you to better follow Tournaments; tackle Chess Puzzles in Newspapers and Magazines and recreate historic games found in Chess Books ...


Chess Board Zones

Beginners Chess Teaser cbz

Once you've worked out how to set up the Chess Board, you'll want to know about the different Chess Board Zones ...

On one level, knowning them helps you understand what people are talking about, when it comes to retrospective analysis of important games.


Ranks And Files

Beginners Chess Teaser cbraf

This subject matter, about Ranks and Files on a Chess Board, could, more-or-less, be labelled as "Chess Board Zones, Part II" ...

When you look at any standard Chess Board, after counting out the 64 squares, you'll think that's more-or-less IT. However, as with the first collection of Chess Board Zones, there is another group of visual dividers.

This lot is split into what are known as Ranks (8 horizontal Rows) and Files (8 vertical Columns).


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