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This website is built from the perspective of a beginner, looking to use Chess as one part of a series of Brain-training exercises.

At the time of construction, the author was recovering from self-induced Over Training - my fault, just over did it with the running and rowing ... It wasn't just the body that got metaphorically shot-to-pieces, but the effects of too much physical exercise also burnt the mind, a bit.

Chess seemed to be a great tool for gradually strengthening and improving mental agility.

For instance, with Chess, you learn pattern recognition, reasoning, you learn to analyse different moves, visualising moves in your mind ... All this, and more, require engaging the brain - do it little and often, and it appears to be a great activity to build the mind.

You can also train in a controlled environment, using a Computer Chess Program and the rate of learning can be casual, like taking a Walk.

Anyway, what I've learnt - from different books and online - is being plastered onto this website, which maybe others can benefit from, too - whether you're looking to learn to play chess for the game itself, or to take advantage of it's brain-training qualities.


Graham Wadden

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