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X-Ray Attack
[Definition 2: An Attacking X-Ray]

X-Ray Attack, Definition 2
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X-Ray Attack, Definition 2Definition 2: When the attack is made through one or more friendly pieces. It may not lead to an instant capture, but it could put pressure on the opponent's piece, perhaps forcing it to move; or, it could be part of a patient build-up, that captures the target-piece later on in the game.

In this example, Black's Re8 is looking through the e6-Pawn (friendly piece) all the way down the e-File, with the first enemy in line to threaten being White's e4-Pawn.

If the e4-Pawn goes, and Re8 is still present, the attack carries on down to the next in line, eventually reaching the enemy's back rank.

X-Ray Attack, Definition 2
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X-Ray Attack, Definition 2
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Move 1, Black Castles Kingside (0-0).

Move 2, White Castles Kingside (0-0); Black's Castled Rook slides onto e8.

If you follow the e-file downwards, from Black's Rook ...
X-Ray Attack, Definition 2, After Move 2
... you'll see the X-Ray Attack goes through his friendly piece, the Pawn, on e7, to focus on the target, of the attack: White's Pawn, on e4.

And that completes this example of an X-Ray Attack (Definition 2).

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