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1575 - 1000

It's interesting to note that, between 1575 and 1475, notable Chess players appear to be focussed around the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal ...

From what we've read so far, it's likely that it was someone from either Spain or Portugal who invented Chess, from where it spread outwards to France, then Italy and out through eastern Europe, while also reaching up to England from France.

In fact, if you read the entry about Francesc Vicent, of Spain, it is he who is considered to be the founder of the modern game of Chess.

Another worthy side-note is that of fellow Spaniard, Ruy Lopez de Segura ... He definitely had a huge influence on the game, to such an extent that his name is honored in the documented Chess Opening: The Ruy Lopez - a sequence that has spawned a vast number of variations (see here).

Reports appear to suggest that a game called Shatranj, with rules that form the underpinnings of Chess (as it was in the 1400s), made its way into Spain during the 900s (10th Century).

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Chatranj

More on that in the next section, as we continue to discover who invented Chess, but it's believed that during the 1200s, the rules of Shatranj were slightly modified in southern Europe.

Given that the earliest known leading Chess players - between 1475 and 1575 - were located in either Spain and Portugal, it appears even more likely that a major contribution, in terms of development of the modern game of Chess, came from the Spaniards and Portuguese around the time of the 1200s.

But, if the modern game of Chess is a modification of Shatranj, then surely the originators of modern Chess owe a lot to whoever developed Shatranj?

So, when it comes to "Who Invented Chess?", it needs to be asked:

"Who Invented Shatranj? ..."

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