Who Invented Chess, looking back at years 1800 - 1575:
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[1800 - 1575]

1800 - 1575

Since the early 1800s, there have been more exact records of who was the dominant player of a certain period.

However, moving back before then, into the late 1700s and earlier, the actual periods of dominance, for the leading players, is ever more a rough estimate, which makes nailing down the one person or group, who invented Chess, a little less precise, but we can at least get a near-enough answer ...

As you look backwards into the 1700s and further towards the 1500s, you can see the pattern continue, with the leading players beginning to retract down, back through France ...

Along the way, there was a break in the pattern with reports of a Scotsman making a name for himself, while a brief period of dominance occurred in the Austrian Empire ...

Then the game appears to retract further downwards, towards Italy and surrounding Kingdoms of that time (notably Naples and Sicily, respectively).

The leading Chess players of this period - from most recent, to earliest - highlight where the spread of Chess popularity was, at the time:

Continue, once more through the ages, as we get ever-closer to the source, in our quest to discover Who Invented Chess ...

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