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1924 - 1850

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Capablanca

The last World Chess Champion mentioned was Jose Raul Capablanca ... He was actually Undisputed Champion for 3 years, prior to FIDE being established.

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Lasker

Capablanca took over the title in 1921, by beating former World Champion, Emanuel Lasker (from Germany).

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Steinitz

In turn, Lasker took the crown, in 1894, from the Austro-Hungarian born Wilhelm Steinitz, who is on the list as being first Undisputed World Chess Champion, of the modern game.

Steinitz began his reign in 1886 and, similar to Alekhine, also emigrated and ended up representing his new-home country, the USA.

According to this article, prior to Steinitz's victory, in 1886, all previous World Chess Championships weren't regarded as official sporting events.

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Anderssen

But, that doesn't mean there weren't any official Chess Tournaments at all. It is believed that the first Chess Tournament, played by the rules of the modern game, was held in London in 1851 and won by a relatively unknown German, Adolf Anderssen.

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Morphy

Another notable player of this period was the United States player, Paul Morphy (1858 - 1862); while Englishman, Howard Staunton (1843 - 1851), spanned the period as Chess merged into more of a competitive sport.

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