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Founded as a not-for-profit organization, the US Chess Federation - shortened to USCF - is the governing body responsible for the development of Chess in the United States.

The relation between the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the USCF is like that of Football's World governing body (FIFA) and, say, the US Soccer Federation ...

FIDE are the overall rule makers of international Chess, who set the standards for others to follow, while the USCF are member-federations of this global establishment, who help maintain the Chess standards within the United States.

Approximate Size of Membership

Since its founding - in 1939, when America's National Chess Federation merged with the American Chess Federation, to become the United States Chess Federation - the USCF membership has mushroomed to over 80,000 registered players ...

The USCF also accounts for more than 2000 affiliated organizations and chess clubs across all of America's 50 States.

USCF's Most Famous Member

Chess Glossary - US Chess Federation - Bobby FischerBy far, probably the most talented Chess player ever, in the history of the US Chess Federation, was the late, great Grandmaster, former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer (pictured left).

During his Chess career, Fischer was ranked number one in the World for 54 total months, which is reportedly third heighest of all time, behind Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov, respectively.

Bobby Fischer burst on to the scene at the age of 13, winning what has been called The Game of the Century, at the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament, New York City, on 17th October 1956.

Apparently, during the peak of Fischer's career, he was so far ahead of nearest rival Boris Spassky and other World-class players - his Chess Rating score was so high - that, even though he won against Spassky, in the early 1970s, his Elo Rating dropped by 5 points.

The fact he only held World Chess Champion status for just three years, between 1972 and 1975, was due to political controversy, which saw Fischer being kicked out of the USCF (though his status was later reinstated); inlcuded severe conflict with the US Government and, ultimately, provoked him to swap US Citizenship for that of Iceland.

For more about Bobby Fischer, read his Wikipedia page, here.

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