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Travel Chess Sets

Probably the first thing you think about, when it comes to playing Chess anywhere, is to get some sort of portable Chess Set ...

Chess Glossary - Travel Chess - Magnetic Set

A common feature of these sets are the magnetic Chess Pieces and Board, which allows you to quickly pack up your game, if you're in a hurry ...

Providing it's a quality travel set, the pieces will remain in place, on the board, so when you get to relax again, you can whip out the set and, hey presto, the pieces are as they were and you can carry on your game.

A handheld, portable Chess Computer is a great, modern alternative to the magnetic Chess sets ...

Chess Glossary - Electronic Chess Graphic - Handheld - 02

If you have to travel by yourself, you can play against the computer's inbuilt, pre-programmed database of games.

Some sets have proper pieces which you pick up and push into pin-type sockets ... You make your move, then the computer displays which square it wants to move from and to - and you physically move its piece(s).

Alternatively, the portable set may have Touch Screen technology ...

Chess Glossary - Electronic Chess Graphic - Handheld - 01

The appearance is that of a typical PDA-computer, which uses a pen-like stylus to enter commands - in this case, to make your moves and select the various functions.

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