The Chess Time Principle:
Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

The Chess Time Principle
[How to Use a Time Advantage]

How To Use A
Time Advantage

In the above clip, White is clearly better developed than Black, by a Space Count majority of 13:2.

White clearly has the Time Advantage, particularly on the Kingside, which MUST be exploited immediately, to prevent Black from marshalling more troops into that area and reinforcing what is currently a pretty shoddy position.

Alas, as you'll have seen, White is able to exploit his advantage, capitalize on Black's weaknesses and overwhelm Black to the point of victory - the ULTIMATE gain!

Even with a couple of deliberate sacrifices, which deflect key personnel away from their defensive positions, in order to open up a diagonal channel to Black's King, White's superior development and overall deployment of troops is too much for Black to cope.

If Your Development Has
Gained A Time Advantage

Should you manage to gain a Time advantage, realize it's only a temporary triumph and that mini success must NOT be dwelt on ...

As soon as the advantage in Time is realized, YOUR OBJECTIVE is to:

"Attack! ... Go on the offensive and
exploit the gain, as much as possible!

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