The Chess Time Principle:
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The Chess Time Principle
[Good Development Can Gain a Time Advantage]

Good Development Can
Gain A Time Advantage

A player who has an advantage in Time has developed his material more quickly, so they're able to reach a specific area of the Board before their opponent can mobilize their own troops, to that same region.

In fact, the player with the Time advantage doesn't need to physically have his troops IN a specific region, within enemy Territory ... They simply need to be within attacking range ...

For more about patrolling enemy Territory, with your army, check out the topic about Space & The Space Count System.

Principle of Development

The core principle of developing your army, during the Opening phase, is thus ...

"A piece should only be moved
ONCE, in the Opening!

Of course, your opponent may quickly go on the offensive, which could threaten your prized assets, before your Development is finished ...

You see this in Openings like the Ruy Lopez, where White brings out the Kingside Bishop, to b5, where it attacks Black's Queenside Knight ... But, Black advances the a-file Pawn, to a6, which threatens White's active Bishop, requiring White to retreat the Bishop ...

So, although White has moved the Bishop twice in the Opening (and, indeed, moves it a third time, later on), it was necessary, to avoid losing that piece too cheaply.

Also, if an enemy piece is easy to capture, that would be another reason to bypass the ONE-move Principle. However, at all other times, in order to stand a chance of Gaining a Time Advantage over your opponent, the more-efficient Development Strategy is to limit your pieces to ONE move each, per turn.

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