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Chess Strategies Guide - Studying the Pieces - The KingsThis guide focuses on the Kings, to the exclusion of all the other Pieces and Pawns.

Matters concerning the Kings include:

Castling... When the game is in its infancy, it's usually recommended to quickly Castle the King to the side where it'll be safest. However, sometimes it's not necessary to Castle the King, while at others times the King may be prevented from Castling.

Endgame Advantages... When one King is in a better position than the opposing King; proximity to the enemy Pawns; proximity from the enemy's Back Rank.

At all other times of the game, the Kings are (or should be) kept tucked up, out of harm's way, while the Pawns, the Minor Pieces (Knights & Bishops), and the Major Pieces (Rooks & Queens) make mincemeat out of each other.

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  1. Better King Position
    Studying the Pieces, Teaser, Better King Position.This article helps you compare the positions of the two adverse Kings, usually during the Endgame phase when the must hide no longer ...

    With fewer Pieces on the board to attack them, the Kings should begin moving toward the Center without delay, and it's at this point when determining the Better King Position comes into play.

  2. King Held in Center
    Studying the Pieces, Teaser, King Held in Center.This article shows the King at a disadvantage, when it wants to Castle to a place or relative safety, but is prevented by an enemy Piece (often a Bishop) that's attacking one of the squares through which the King must pass when Castling.

    Because Castling at that point would put the King in Check, it can't happen, so the King would be held on its Center file, against its will.

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