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Section 2: Studying the Pawns
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Chess Strategies Guide - Studying the Pawns - Pawn MajoritiesIn this guide, we're scanning each side of the board in turn (Kingside & Queenside), assessing two different attributes of both opposing sets of Pawns, to determine:

  1. the QUALITY of the opposing Pawn

  2. the QUANTITY Pawns assembled to
    take on the enemy.

All other things being equal, if one set of Pawns is weaker in some way than the opposing set of Pawns, it's an issue of quality, and the weaker set of Pawns should be considered prime targets to attack.

When it comes to the quantity of opposing Pawns, think along the lines of "Might is Right". If you play it right, an extra Pawn can be forced through a smaller group of opposing Pawns to become a Passed Pawn with newfound aspirations of gaining Promotion.

Studying the Pawns (Pawn Majorities) Index

  1. Qualitative Pawn Majority
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Qualitative Pawn Majority.This article looks at situations where both armies may have the same number of Pawns on one side of the board (e.g. Kingside), but there's some sort of weakness in the structure of one set of opposing Pawns, such as Doubled Pawns.

    The focus here is to do with the "quality" of the Pawn structure: the army without any weakness, or with the least vulnerable weakness will be stronger, and so will have the Qualitative Pawn Majority.

  2. Offside Pawn Majority
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Offside Pawn Majority.The term "Offside" refers to the side of the board that's opposite to where the enemy King is positioned. Our focus in this article is on the Pawns and whether one army has a Pawn Majority on the Offside.

    The Offside Pawn Majority has the advantage providing it can be mobilized in such a way that one or more pawns can break through to create a Passed Pawn.

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