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Chess Strategies Guide - Studying the Pawns - Passed PawnsTo qualify as a Passed Pawn, your Pawn(s) must not have any enemy Pawns either blocking their path on the same file, or able to mount an attack from an adjacent file.

There may be enemy Pieces on the same file, but as long as there aren't any Pawns, your Pawn will still be consider a Passed Pawn.

The ultimate destination of any Passed Pawn is to get onto the enemy's Back Rank, where it'll gain Promotion.

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  1. Passed Pawn
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Passed Pawn.This article looks at the basic type of Passed Pawn, distinguishing between "Potential" and "Actual" Passed Pawns.

    Besides having a relatively smoother trip towards Promotion, the Passed Pawn forces the opponent to keep an eye on it to prevent it gaining Promotion -- this can force the enemy to use precious resources to prevent the Pawn from queening.

  2. Outside Passed Pawn
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Outside Passed Pawn.If there are two Passed Pawns on the board, the one that is closest to the nearest Rook file and furthest from the two adverse Kings is said to be an Outside Passed Pawn.

    The Outside Passed Pawn can be used in one of two ways: (1) It can go on to gain Promotion itself; (2) It can be used as a Decoy, (sacrificed if necessary), to buy time for another Pawn, on the opposite side of the board, to gain Promotion.

  3. Protected Passed Pawn
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Protected Passed Pawn.Two friendly Passed Pawns sitting on adjacent files are known as "Connected" Passed Pawns.

    A Passed Pawn that has support from a friendly Pawn on an adjacent file (i.e. in a Chain formation) is known as a "Protected" Passed Pawn. Of the two, this is the more desirable formation.

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