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Chess Strategies Guide - Studying the Pawns - Center PawnsEach side begins every game with two Center Pawns -- they're the ones that sit in front of the Queen & King, respectively.

Excuse the pun, but they're usually central to the battle for Control of the Center, often being flung straight into the Center from the start of a game, following Openings such as the King Pawn Game and Queen Pawn Game.

Studying the Pawns (Center Pawns) Index

  1. Kotov's Five Pawn Centers
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Kotov's Five Pawn Centers.This article takes a look at a study by Alexander Kotov, which focused on five main types of Pawn Positions in the Center. Applying this knowledge should help you develop your game plan and "determine the character and tempo" of the battle.

    Kotov's 5 Pawn Centers include the: Closed Center; Open Center; Fixed Center; Mobile Center; and Fluid Center.

  2. Pawn on 4th v. Pawn on 3rd
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Pawn on 4th v. Pawn on 3rd.This potential advantage only comes into play when both sides are down to one Center Pawn each, albeit sitting on adjacent Center files and NOT on the same file. The Pawn that sits on its 4th Rank is the one that holds the advantage

    Naturally, there's a bit more to it than just the position of the Center Pawns, so read this article carefully.

  3. Two Against One In The Center
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Two Against One In The Center.The player with the two Pawns carries an advantage, but will have to be patient to realize the potential benefits, which include: (1) Better Control of the four Center squares; (2) More possibilities of an Outpost in the Center; (3) And a potential endgame advantage that could possibly result in a Passed Pawn in the Center, late in the game.

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