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Chess Strategies Guide - Studying the Pawns - Advanced PawnsAs soon as a Pawn steps onto its 5th Rank, therefore into enemy territory, it's considered to be in an advanced position, hence the term "Advanced Pawn".

The Pawn will be an Advanced Pawn for the remainder of its time on the board, either until it gets captured, or it makes it to the 8th Rank (the enemy's Back Rank), where it will gain Promotion (e.g. to a Queen).

Remember that each side's 5th Rank is the fifth row of squares up from their Back Rank (where the Kings start each game). This wasn't necessary to explain back to the days of Descriptive Notation. However, most modern chessboards have the coordinates using the Algebraic system, so it may need pointing out that Black's 5th Rank begins at Rank 4, going down to Rank 1.

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  1. Advanced Pawn
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Advanced Pawn.This article looks at the solitary Pawn(s) that make it onto their 5th Rank and beyond, into enemy territory.

  2. Advanced Chain
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Advanced Chain.A standard Chain whose lead Pawn has crossed over into enemy territory is known as an Advanced Chain. The advantage is that the Advanced Pawn has support from the Pawn(s) further down the chain.

  3. Advanced Salient
    Studying the Pawns, Teaser, Advanced Salient.Advanced Salients are kind of like double-strength Advanced Chain formations. If one side Pawn in the Salient gets wiped out, it will revert to a Chain formation.

    If you're unaware of what a Salient is, you probably won't be aware that there are two types (standard Salients and Reverse Salients). Fear not, this article will introduce you to both types, before focusing on the Advanced formations.

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