Strong Outpost Station:
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Strong Outpost Station
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Now we've identified the basic Outpost Station, we need to ask:

"What does a Strong Outpost Station look like?"

A Strong Outpost Station is one where a Knight is defended by a Pawn, which cannot be dislodged without disadvantage to the attacker (Diagram 4a), or which is ahead of a Pawn which it is blocking from advancing, and is not easily forced away by a Pawn on an adjacent square (Diagram 4b).
Strong Outpost Station, Image 4a, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 4a: Strong Outpost Station
Attacker will be vulnerable.
Strong Outpost Station, Image 4b, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 4b: Strong Outpost Station
Outpost (Nb4) blocks Pawn advance;
not easily forced away
A Pawn is almost always involved in an Outpost (with rare exceptions). For now, do not count a point unless a Pawn is involved in the defence of the Outpost.

A "Weak" Outpost would make it either impossible or highly unlikely that the piece (e.g. Knight) could remain on its post for very long - for instance, it could be that the enemy has positioned enough troops all targeting the square, to survive any potential swap-off.

Finally, if there is an enemy Pawn on an adjacent file, that could eventually dislodge the Piece, do not count it as a Strong Outpost. It is just a Temporary Outpost, such as it is in Diagram 5, below ...
Temporary Outpost Station, Image 5, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 5: Nd5 on a Temporary Outpost Station;
Black's c-Pawn can dislodge White's Nd5.
Black's c-Pawn can advance to c6, attacking White's Knight, which would have no choice but to move, vacating its current Outpost Station, provided by the e4-Pawn.

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