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You want to learn Chess Strategies to give your opponent a right royal spanking.

The following Chess Strategies were taught to me through IGM Yasser Seirawan's book, Winning Chess Strategies, while his examples made more sense, to my limitations as a beginner, when explored with a chess program, like Fritz 12.

Winning Chess Strategies and Fritz 12
The Strategies you'll Learn:

  1. Making the Most of a Material Advantage
    When you've got more material than your opponent - because you've captured more - these Strategies will help you capitalize on this particular advantage.

  2. Stopping Enemy Counterplay
    If you opponent cannot get his Pieces to critical squares, the threat to your army will be reduced.

  3. Understanding Where the Pieces Go
    Probably the most important of all of the Strategies covered. Each Piece has its own Strengths and Weaknesses. This Strategy topic will help you develop your army so your Pieces are sent to areas on the Board, where they'll be most effective.

  4. Superior Minor Pieces
    Minor Pieces are your 'Knights' and 'Bishops' ... Open Positions and Closed Positions will determine when one becomes Superior to the other. You must know them both.

  5. How to Use Pawns
    Pawns are used to create Support Points for protecting Pieces and to create Structures that limit your opponent's choices, as they approach your territory.

  6. The Creation of Targets
    This is all about being able to identify 'weak spots' in your opponent's army ... A Weak Pawn, for instance, is one that has no protection - it becomes a Target for capture.

  7. Territorial Domination
    One of Yasser Seirawan's favorite Strategies of Chess ... If your army can capture (gain) more territory, you'll aid victory by squeezing the life out of the enemy.

  8. Attacking the King
    Learn to spot the conditions that give the 'green light' to attack the enemy King.

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