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Winning Chess Strategies - TeaserThis article includes my notes, additional images and interactive chess positions from my study of Yasser Seirawan's book, Winning Chess Strategies.

Winning Chess Strategies,
Revised edition
ISBN: 978-1-85744-385-1
Chapter 2. Stopping Enemy Counterplay (p32)

Stopping Enemy Counterplay

As you're diligently developing your army, in order to attack and destroy your enemy, needless to say, your enemy is working away to plot the destruction of you (well, your army).

While building your defences, in the process of arranging your Pawn Structures and deploying your Pieces to their preferred locations, you must also:

  1. Be on the lookout for enemy tactics which might threaten your progress. Remember: the tactics you can use against your opponent can also be used 'by' your opponent, against YOU.

  2. Limit the effectiveness of your opponent's development -- their troops must remain as helpless as possible.

Stopping Enemy Counterplay, Index

  1. Spotting Tactical Threats (page 2)
    Stopping Enemy Counterplay, Teaser, Spotting Tactical Threats.There's one strategy here:

    Strategy 1: Look for weaknesses in the position -- any weakness could become a target, and tactics can be used to attack them.

  2. Keeping Your Opponent Helpless (page 3)
    Stopping Enemy Counterplay, Teaser, Keeping Your Opponent Helpless.There's one primary strategy here:

    Strategy 1: Should your opponent's position be passive / non-threatening to your army, your objective should be to keep him in this non-aggressive state.

    Also includes: an example to help you "Determine Which Is The Superior Side by assessing Quality of Development".

Chess Strategies - 2 - Stopping Enemy Counterplay - Animated

Moving On: Spotting Tactical Threats (Page 2).

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