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Just incase you make a complete horlix of your game, you want to have a strategy in your back pocket, to try and rescue ½ a point by achieving a Draw (Stalemate).

Refer to our Stalemate Moves Index for to explore a selection of Strategies, to help you Stalemate your game (refer to the Recommended Links, below; or, click on the 'Stalemate Moves' link, in our main navigation menu, to the left of this webpage).

Of course, ultimately, it's going to depend on the position and unique set of circumstances, that you'll face in your game, as to which of those Strategies you can "realistically" play for, to try and secure your Drawn game.

Fortress Building is an intersting Strategy, which can help your King survive long enough, to trigger Stalemate through 3-time Repetition of Position ...

Or, if your opponent sees they're never going be able to nail-down your King, s/he may choose to end the game immediately by "Offering Stalemate", for you to accept. Which, you will.

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KEYWORD: Stalemate Strategy Chess
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