Stalemate, By Careless Pawn Promotion:
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[Stalemate, By Careless Pawn Promotion]

- By Careless Pawn Promotion -

Promotion happens when you get a Pawn to your enemy's back row and you get to promote that Pawn to either a Knight, Bishop, Rook, or Queen.

More often than not, a player will seize upon the opportunity to get another Queen.

However, there are some situations where your opponent's King is currently safe on its square and, by promoting your Pawn to a Queen, will inadvertently remove all remaining escape routes ...

This can result in a sudden Stalemate.

And, in case you were wondering, it is why you have the option of what's called Underpromotion, which is when you choose to exchange your Pawn for one of the seemingly less-influential pieces - Knight, Bishop, or Rook.

If it's you that gets to Promote a Pawn, be on guard, as your opponent may have set you up, hoping greed might make you opt for the Queen, only for you to suddenly find you've Drawn a game you were confident of Winning.

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