Stalemate Rules, Three-time Repetition of Position:
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Stalemate Rules
[Three-time Repetition of Position]

- Three-time Repetition of Position -

Sometimes known as the Three-fold Repetition Rule, it's a quicker alternative route to Stalemate ...

It follows a short merry-go-round of Checks and Escapes, brought about by quick repetition from Perpetual Pursuits or Perpetual Checks ...

When a defending player keeps evading Check, but the attacker subsequently puts his opponent's King right back into Check, this is the Perpetual Check and if the situation repeats itself three times in a row, the game will suddenly end in a Draw.

Perpetual Pursuits are similar, however the resulting Stalemate, by three repetitions, involves an attack on any of the other pieces, but excludes the King.

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