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Grand Fork Attack, Example
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Chess Fork Attack, Grand Fork Attack example.This image shows an example of a Grand Fork,
which gets its name from
a single attack on all the major pieces (grand = big): King, Queen, and at least one or both enemy Rooks.

As it attacks the King, this is an Absolute Fork.

Grand Fork Attack, Example
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Grand Fork Attack, Example
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The Grand Fork is one heck of an attack - in ONE move, the enemy finds its King, Queen and either one or two Rooks, simultaneously caught with their pants down.

Again, like the Royal Fork, as the enemy's King is on the receiving end of the attack, it is the piece that MUST take priority, when it comes to which one to rescue ... And it's usually at the cost of the Queen.

With its unique, L-shape moving-pattern, the Knight is the piece to pull off the spectacular Grand Chess Fork Attack ... So, as before, even if it ends up being captured, the relative importance of the Rook, Queen and King make it a worthwhile sacrifice.

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