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Special Absolute Fork Attack

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Chess Tactics Teaser - Special Absolute Fork AttackA Special Absolute Fork Attack is like a standard Absolute Fork Attack, only a bit special (as in spectacular, not needs) ...

Special Absolute Fork Attacks Index

These Special Absolute Fork Attacks share the same characteristic of standard Absolute Forks, but they're a bit more special due to what they attack. As such, they've been named ...

  1. Royal Fork Attack (page 2)
    Special Absolute Fork Attack, Teaser, Royal Fork Example.White's Nf4 (red square) can create the Royal Fork on e6 (green square), against Black's King and Queen (yellow squares).

    It's called a Royal Fork because it exclusively attacks both Royal Pieces.

  2. Grand Fork Attack (page 3)
    Special Absolute Fork Attack, Teaser, Grand Fork Example.White's Ng4 (red square) can create the Grand Fork on f6 (green square), against Black's King, Queen and Rook (yellow squares).

    It's called a Grand Fork because it attacks all of the heavy, or 'big' pieces ... with grand, meaning BIG.

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