The Principle of Space and the Space Count System:
Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

The Principle Of Space &
The Space Count System
[Defending Against Opponent's Space Advantage]

How To Defend Against Your
Opponent's Space Advantage

Capablanca's Solution To A Space Disadvantage

Space Count - Capablanca - Solution To A Space Disadvantage Jose Raul Capablanca, Undisputed Chess World Champion between 1924-1927, studied how one should try to tackle a Space 'Disadvantage' ...
To paraphrase the great man, Capablanca came up with the following solution, to try and get free of a cramped position:

"Seek to Trade your way out of the restricted
position, either with a single Trade,
or a series of Trades"

The reasoning behind the deliberate attempt to get one, or more, of your pieces captured is that there is no point in having material on the Board, if it cannot make any worthwhile contribution ...

Far better to try and get rid of it in an Exchange - be it for an identical piece; or, for one of equal or greater value - and gain improved spatial conditions for your remaining army, in the process!

On the flip-side, if you were in possession of a Space Advantage, you'd want to AVOID Trades as much as possible ...

Your goal, then, would be to maintain and then maximize your positional advantages ... Then, seek to make your greater numbers pay out with victory.

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