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Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn)
- Overview -

Famous Checkmates - Smothered Mate Queen's PawnYou may already have seen the Smothered King's Pawn version ...

Well, this is the Queen's Pawn version - so named because the game begins with White advancing his d2 Pawn; the one directly infront of the Queen.

It achieves Mate in 8 Moves and again, Black is the victor due to White's 'smothering' of his King.

No escape = Checkmate.

Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn)
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Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn)
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Video Commentary
  • Move 1,
    [Timeline, 0:10],
    White advances his Queen's Pawn to d4 ... Black opts instead to bring out his King-side kNight to f6.

  • Move 2,
    [Timeline, 0:17],
    White moves his c2 Pawn to c4 ... Black responds by advancing his King's Pawn to e5.

  • Move 3,
    [Timeline, 0:24],
    White brings his d-file Pawn to capture (x) the Pawn on e5, to threaten Black's Knight ... Black simply evades capture and continues his strategy by advancing his King-side kNight away from danger and on to g4.

  • Move 4,
    [Timeline, 0:31],
    This is where White brings out his King-side kNight to f3, taking it to a more prominent position, though not threatening Black's nearby Knight ... Black's response is to bring out his Queen-side kNight to c6.

  • Move 5,
    [Timeline, 0:41],
    White brings out his Queen-side Bishop to f4, once more, Black's Knight is nearby, but untroubled ... Black is smug, because he knows White has totally left his King exposed and makes good on the error by bringing his King-side kNight all the way down to b4 and now Checks (+) White's King.

  • Move 6,
    [Timeline, 0:50],
    White doesn't want to risk losing his Queen, so opts instead to get his King out of Check, by moving his Queen-side kNight to d2.

    Beware!, White's King is now blocked-in - "Smothered" - by his surrounding pieces (you already know he's doomed, but this is key to how it happens) ... Black's response is to bring his Queen out to e7.

  • Move 7,
    [Timeline, 1:00],
    White goes on the attack, by moving his a2 Pawn to a3, and so now threatens Black's Bishop ... Black's sneaky strategy is now taking shape - rather than move the b4-Bishop to safety, it becomes a sacrifice to appeal to White's piece-grabbing greed. What Black does instead is move his g4 kNight to capture (x) the Pawn on e5.

  • Move 8,
    [Timeline, 1:07],
    White's greed does indeed get the better of him! He uses his a-file Pawn to capture (x) Black's Bishop on b4. But, in doing so, he seals his doom ... Black sweeps in with his e5 kNight to land on d3 and Checkmate (#) White's King.

    Black Wins! (0-1).

    And that's Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn).

  1. d4 ... Nf6
  2. c4 ... e5
  3. dxe5 ... Ng4
  4. Nf3 ... Nc6
  5. Bf4 ... Bb4+
  6. Nbd2 ... Qe7
  7. a3 ... Nxe5
  8. axb4 ... Nd3#
  9. 0-1

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