Simultaneous Exhibition

We've already given an overview of how a Chess Simul - or Simultaneous Exhibition - is conducted, in our Chess Glossary article, unimaginatively titled "Chess Simul".

Within that article, we featured a selection of YouTube videos, showing a few elite Chess players taking center stage in show-piece Simul exhibitions.

This page you're on now contains more videos, including footage featuring GM Garry Kasparov, which is probably one of the best Kasparov/Chess Simul videos uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube Clip 1
- Featuring GM Garry Kasparov -

This is the "best-Chess-Simul-video-featuring-Garry-Kasparov" clip that we were on about.

It's got overlaid subtitles in Greek, but commentary is in English. This documentary excerpt follows Kasparov on part of his global travels as a professional Chess player and media star, which sees him take in a promotional Exhibition match.

This video also contains a brief insight, from Kasparov (5:30), about how his focus to study and learn Chess at such a high level, brought with it certain sacrificing choices.

YouTube Clip 2
- Featuring GM Viswanathan Anand -

In this clip, 2009 World Chess Champion, GM Viswanathan Anand, is explaining his opinion during a Simul game with one of his opponents - Suneet Singh Mausil, (who uploaded this video to YouTube on December 24th 2009).

YouTube Clip 3
- Featuring Kick-ass Kid -

In our Kids Chess article, we paraphrased research by Developmental Biologist, Jean William Fritz Piaget, which concluded that a child may be cognitively ready to learn Chess between the ages of 7-12.

Now, that's "on average" - there are bound to be kids out there who can grasp the concepts at a much earlier age ...

And, a case-in-point is the kid featured in this Simultaneous Exhibition video clip, who states he began to learn at 3 years of age - taught by his father, who is also interviewed in the video.

See, there's still some "good dads" out there!

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