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Fairly straight-forward query - you're new(ish) to playing Chess and want to know the Rules of the game.

The Rules of Chess are compiled and maintained by the game's governing body, the World Chess Federation - more commonly known as FIDE.

Chess, today, isn't just a leisure played, table-top boardgame ... It has become a highly-competitive mind sport, where players earn their living by competing in Tournaments for significant cash prizes.

To reflect the more professional, more serious aspect to playing Chess, the Rules and Regulations, compiled and maintained by FIDE, which they call their Actual Handbook, is by definition, LARGE.

Fortunately, section E. Miscellaneous of FIDE's Actual Handbook, which contains their Laws of Chess, is relatively brief, by comparison.

Now, you've got a choice ...

If you want to learn the Rules of Chess, directly from FIDE themseleves, from the Recommended Links, below, you can either go directly to FIDE's Actual Handbook (the index page, containing links to EVERY Rule and Regulation created to date) ... Or, you can click the link that'll take you directly to their Laws of Chess (code E.I.01A.).

Alternatively, you can read our Official Chess Rules page, in which we've picked out the key points and rewritten them for greater clarity.

Or, if you really hate reading lots of lengthy Rules that just seem to go on and on, we've scraped out the bare essentials, so you can get playing quickly, check out our Beginners Chess Guide article Basic Chess Rules.

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