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You want to know how to play chess properly, by learning the Rules of the game.

When looking for Rules for playing Chess, typically, you'll find a website with a list of all the major Rules and Regulations that apply to playing the game.

Throughout our website, we take that approach, as well.

However, this article's going to approach it differently ...

Now, by all means, if you want to go directly to the World Chess Federation's official 'Handbook', then simply scroll to the Recommended Links, at the bottom of this page, and you'll get direct access to both FIDE'S Actual Handbook and a sub-section of that handbook, titled the Laws of Chess.

Now for your alternative approach to understanding the Rules of Chess ...

Beginners Chess Guide - Screenshots - Beginners Chess Guide

Yes, we do have a shortened list of Basic Chess Rules, which have been cherry-picked and interpreted from FIDE's Laws of Chess, but for now, I'm going to say ignore it.

KQA - Beginners Chess Guide - Section 1 - Beginning Chess

Instead, explore the remaining content, from { SECTION I } to { SECTION III } ...

While doing so, you'll get to see what the Individual Chess Pieces look like; you'll get to see the Basic Chess Moves; how the Chess Board should be Setup, and so on.

This is all done visually, either with pictures, video, or sometimes both.

But the main thing is all the moves you see, the captures made, where the Pieces are placed at the start of each game ... These are all correct and abide by FIDE's Laws of Chess.

The idea behind learning the Rules of Chess this way is, when you do look-up either FIDE's Laws of Chess, or scan through our Law-snippets in our Basic Chess Rules article, you'll have a greater visual understanding of the main "dos and don'ts", which should make it easier to understand the finer points.

Rules of Chess - Your Options

When you're ready to read the rules, you've got a number of options, from this website ... It just depends how much detail you want. We'll begin with the briefest of Rules, down to the most comprehensive:

  • Beginners Chess Guide - Basic Chess Rules
    As mentioned above, you'll find our selection of Basic Chess Rules from our Beginners Chess Guide ... It's as brief as possible, so you can get playing quicker, in accordance with FIDE's own rules of Chess (or, Laws of Chess, as they call it).

  • Chess Glossary Article - Official Chess Rules
    Another article from this website ... This batch of rules is interpreted from FIDE's Laws of Chess, but there's far more detail than you get with the Basic Chess Rules.

  • - Actual Handbook
    FIDE's Actual Handbook is free to read online and contains the complete set of rules and regulations, not just for playing Chess, but for all aspects to do with this global mind sport. From Tournament Rules, to dealing with the awarding of Titles, such as FIDE Grandmaster ... It's all here, in this one Handbook.

  • - Actual Handbook - Laws of Chess
    If you want to learn the rules of Chess, directly from FIDE, but all you're concerned with, at this point in time, is the rules for playing the game, then the section you want, of FIDE's Actual Handbook, is their Laws of Chess.

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