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You're learning to play Chess and want to know where the Rules are kept, online.

Official FIDE Rules

If you want to learn ALL the Rules - including those specific Rules for Tournaments and Competition environments - then there is only one resource to head to and that's the Actual Handbook, which you can read for free, online, at the website of the World Chess Federation (more commonly referred to as FIDE).

Sticking with FIDE, if you want to know their complete Rules for playing Chess, but aren't yet concerned with the full set of Tournament "do's and don'ts", then scroll down the Actual Handbook, to section E. Miscellaneous, where you'll find a link to the sub-section, titled E.I. Laws of Chess ...

Clicking on that link then takes you to two more links:

  • E.I.01A. Laws of Chess is the one you want to click on to read the rules for Chess, which covers the following points:


    • Article 1: The nature and objectives of the game of chess
    • Article 2: The initial position of the pieces on the chessboard
    • Article 3: The moves of the pieces
    • Article 4: The act of moving the pieces
    • Article 5: The completion of the game


    • Article 6: The chess clock
    • Article 7: Irregularities
    • Article 8: The recording of the moves
    • Article 9: The drawn game
    • Article 10: Quickplay Finish
    • Article 11: Points
    • Article 12: The conduct of the players
    • Article 13: The role of the Arbiter
    • Article 14: FIDE

  • E.I.01B. Apendices covers the following points:

    • A. Rapidplay
    • B. Blitz
    • C. Algebraic notation
    • D. Quickplay finishes where no arbiter is present in the venue
    • E. Rules for play with Blind and Visually Handicapped
    • F. Chess960 Rules - Quick-start Rules

As FIDE have a legal obligation to the business, sports and leisure interests surrounding Chess, their Rules page sails close to the realm of legal-speak.

What we've done is cherry-picked the key Rules/Laws and created two versions ...

The first version is the 'bare-bones' of FIDE's Laws, with just enough points to get you started and playing properly, quickly. This can be found in our Beginners Chess Guide ... The article you want is Basic Chess Rules.

The second version is longer and has much more detail ... This can be found from our Chess Glossary, titled Official Chess Rules.

The reources you've just read about - concerning the rules for Chess - can be accessed quickly, from the following Recommended Links ...

Recommended Links:

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