Rooks On The 7th Rank:
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Rooks On The 7th Rank
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Advanced Beginners Chess Teaser pccThis article includes my notes, additional images and interactive chess positions from my study of Horowitz & Mott-Smith's book, Point Count Chess.

Point Count Chess,
Chapter 20. The Rook on
the 7th Rank (p239-245)

Point Count Chess, Examples:
  • Brief Tenure of the Seventh
  • Gaining the Seventh Rank

H&M-S say that getting a Rook up onto its 7th Rank (their opponent's 2nd Rank), is the ultimate goal after gaining Control of an Open File.

Once on the 7th Rank, the Rook attack all the remaining, enemy Pawns, from their weak sides or from behind. The Rook is even more potent, if can also menace the enemy King.

Rooks On The 7th Rank, Image 1, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 1: Black's Rook on the 7th

Diagram 1, above, shows the White Pawns that are rendered powerless, under attack from Black's Rook, and unable to defend themselves from their flanks. They must rely on the remaining Pieces for protection (tying up those Pieces, potentially). That's why getting a Rook on the 7th Rank scores a plus point.

H&M-S reveal two optional uses for a Rook on the 7th Rank:

  1. The long-term (Strategical) goal is to get the Rook onto the 7th Rank, where it can be maintained. The Rook will then perform services such as restricting the mobility of the enemy (especially the King), and undermining enemy Pawns (capturing them from their weak sides, or from behind).

  2. The short-term (Tactical) use of a Rook on the 7th Rank, is to cause the enemy to waste time trying to remove it from their camp. The Rook will either be captured, or is deliberately withdrawn once it has served its purpose on the 7th Rank.

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