Relative Bishop Skewer Attack, Example:
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Relative Chess Skewer Attack
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Relative Bishop Skewer, Example
- Overview -

Chess Skewer Attack, Relative Bishop Skewer example.The Skewer Attack: Relative Bishop Skewer by Black's Bc2 (red square).

The Victim: Black's Re4, the MORE-valuable Piece which stands in front of the LESS-valuable Nh7.

The Result: Because it's not the King standing behind, Black does get the choice of which Piece gets captured. Though, in this case, may be the Rook that's moved to safety.

Hope for Black: There is a possibility for Black to Counterattack, with ...Bc8-h3+, followed by White's Kxh3, with Black's ...Nh7-g5+ snaring White's Rook and King in an Absolute Fork Attack. Keep reading, below, for more details ...

Relative Bishop Skewer, Example
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Relative Bishop Skewer, Example
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This example begins with White's Bishop attacking Black's Rook, from a4 ...

Black thinks his Rook is safe enough to counter-attack White's Bishop, from e4 ...

Black's mistake is putting the Rook on a diagonal path with his h7 Knight, while on the same coloured-squares as White's Bishop.

White spots the opportunity for a Bishop Skewer Attack, at c2.

In all likelihood, Black would choose to save his Rook, in this Relative attack; White's Bishop would then capture that Knight.

That said, there may be an opportunity for Black to Counterattack, with ...Bc8-h3+. White's King would capture (Kxh3), but then ...Nh6-g5+ creates an Absolute Fork, snaring both White's Rf3 and Kh3. White would have to get his King out of check, allowing ...Ng5xf3.

Following that, not being in check, White's light-Bishop would probably capture Black's Re4 and the situation would be Bishop v. Knight, with Black having the advantage of an extra Pawn.

Play through the following to see how it might happen ...

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