Relative Queen Pin Attack, Example:
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Relative Chess Pin Attack
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Relative Queen Pin, Example
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Chess Pin Attack, Relative Queen Pin example.The Pin Attack: Relative Queen Pin by White's Qg2 (red square).

The Victim:Black's LESS-valuable Nc6, which is in front of the MORE-valuable Ra8.

The Result: Black's Nc6 must remain in the pinned position, as Black needs both Rooks on the board to work together, especially against White's Queen & Rook. While Black spends moves defending Nc6, White's other pieces can
be better developed.

Relative Queen Pin, Example
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Relative Queen Pin, Example
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In this example, Black's Knight is moved to c6.

White spots his opportunity for a Chess Pin Attack, with his Queen, which he moves to g2 ...

To avoid losing the more-valuable Rook, on the diagonal behind, Black's Knight is Relatively Pinned on its current square.

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