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Relative Chess Pin Attack

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Chess Tactics Teaser - Relative Pin AttackThese include attacks where their victim is pinned against a more-valuable Piece, but excludes the enemy King.

In this instance, if it's deemed tactically beneficial, the Pawn or Piece assumed to be Pinned CAN move, exposing the MORE-valuable Piece to the attack ...

But, beware! It may be a cunning trap, designed to lure a specific piece away from its position, for the sake of a greedy capture.

Relative Pin Attack Index

Relative Pin Attacks
See one Relative Pin example played by each applicable Piece, respectively ...

  1. Relative Bishop Pin (page 2)
    Relative Pin Attack, Teaser, Bishop Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: Black's Bb6 against White's Nd4, which defends Re3.

  2. Relative Rook Pin (page 3)
    Relative Pin Attack, Teaser, Rook Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: White's Re1 against Black's Bd4, which defends Nd8.

  3. Relative Queen Pin (page 4)
    Relative Pin Attack, Teaser, Queen Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: White's Qg2 against Black's Nc6, which defends Ra8.

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