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Relative Chess Fork Attack
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Relative Queen Fork, Example
- Overview -

Chess Fork Attack, Relative Queen Fork example.This image shows an example of two Black pieces, as highlighted (yellow squares), which have been slotted into the pattern ripe for a double attack by a Queen, with White's Qg3 within
attacking range.

The pattern you need to look out for: is one that is on a diagonal path with an enemy Rook AND straight inline with an enemy Bishop ... crucially, BOTH are incapable of attacking the Queen, from their respective positions.

Pawns, Knights, Bishops AND Rooks are all vulnerable to Relative Queen Forks...
  • Pawns, Bishops & Knights are at risk from a straight-line attack.

  • Pawns, Knights & Rooks are at risk from a diagonal attack.
Beware any combination of those pieces in said positions, on the same-colour square, that can BOTH be traced in a line from a single point (e.g. the green highlighted square, in the image above), thus attacked by the Queen, due to her ability to move along both straights and diagonals.

Relative Queen Fork, Example
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Relative Queen Fork, Example
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In this example, White first moves his Queen, to attack Black's Rook from the safety of g3 ... At this point, it's just a maneuver to harass the Rook.

However, when Black moves to the white square, at e6, White's suddenly spots the potential for a Queen Fork Attack, at b3.

Black is now seemingly caught in a Relative Fork attack ...

His only potential saving grace is the Pawn at c7 ... If Black moves his Rook to b6, White most likely won't attack, as the gain of the Rook would result in the loss of the Queen, to that Pawn.

Sure, it could still happen, but with Black's material advantage, White would probably favor his chances with his Queen still on the board.

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