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Relative Chess Fork Attack
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Relative Knight Fork, Example
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Chess Fork Attack, Relative Knight Fork example.This image shows an example of two Black pieces, as highlighted (yellow squares), which have been slotted into the pattern ripe for a double attack by a Knight, with White's Ne1 within
attacking range.

There are two distinct patterns to look out for with this specific Relative Knight Fork example ...

  • Pattern 1: Notice how Black's two pieces form a T-shape with the highlighted green square, which is where the Knight Fork will occur. This is the first part of the pattern you should look out for.

  • Pattern 2: The second part to look for is the L-shaped pattern of movement, by a Knight. In this example, you can see White's Ne1 (red square) and follow its L-shape maneuver to d3 (green square).

Combine the T-shape and L-shape patterns, and you have a classic situation that's ready for attack from a Knight Fork.

Note: this is just ONE pattern to be aware of, when looking out for Knight Fork opportunities, or threats.

For further examples, see the second video about Blunders, in the Error Management Guide and pay attention to Blunder 5 (Failing to notice a Pinning pattern).

Relative Knight Fork, Example
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Relative Knight Fork, Example
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Black brings the Rook down to e5, level with the c5 Bishop.

White sees an opportunity to strike with a Knight Fork Attack, at d3.

Black's Bishop and Rook are caught by this Relative Fork - either piece may be moved to safety, but one (probably the Bishop) will be captured on White's next turn.

Moving On: Example of a Relative Bishop Fork (Page 4).

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