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Relative Chess Fork Attack

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Chess Tactics Teaser - Relative Fork AttackA Relative Fork Attack, is where the attacking Pawn or Piece threatens any two pieces of the enemy, except the King. Your opponent may move either piece, but often will choose to save the more-valuable one ...

For instance, if it came to a choice between a Bishop and a Queen, the latter would be moved to safety - if possible - at the expense of the former.

Relative Chess Fork Attack Index

See one Relative Fork example played by a Pawn and each applicable Piece, respectively ...

  1. Relative Pawn Fork (page 2)
    Relative Fork Attack, Teaser, Pawn Fork Attack Example.White's b-Pawn (red square) can create the Relative Fork on b4 (green square), against Black's two pieces, positioned to favor a double attack by a Pawn.

  2. Relative Knight Fork (page 3)
    Relative Fork Attack, Teaser, Knight Fork Attack Example.White's Ne1 (red square) can create the Relative Fork, following its L-shaped pattern of movement to d3 (green square).

    Note the T-shaped pattern from the highlighted green square to Black's two vulnerable pieces (yellow squares). This is a classic situation for a Knight Fork.

  3. Relative Bishop Fork (page 4)
    Relative Fork Attack, Teaser, Bishop Fork Attack Example.White's Bg3 (red square) can create the Relative Fork on e5, since both of Black's pieces are positioned in a diagonal line, on the same-colour diagonal squares as White's dark-Bishop.

    Crucially, neither Black's Knight or Rook can defend each other from a direct attack along a diagonal, so enabling the Bishop Fork.

  4. Relative Rook Fork (page 5)
    Relative Fork Attack, Teaser, Rook Fork Attack Example.White's Re1 (red square) can create the Relative Fork on e4, since both of Black's pieces are positioned in a straight and within the Rook's attacking range.

    In contrast with the Bishop Fork, Black's pieces are ones incapable of defending themselves or each other from a straight-line attack, which permits the Rook Fork.

  5. Relative Queen Fork (page 6)
    Relative Fork Attack, Teaser, Queen Fork Attack Example.White's Qg3 (red square) can create a Relative Fork on b3, being in line to attack both Black pieces (yellow squares), but out of range of the Black Rook's straight-line mobility AND the Black Bishop's diagonal-line mobility.

    Pawns, Knights, Bishops and Rooks are all potentially vulnerable to Relative Queen Forks.

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