Queen Chess Piece

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Queen Chess Piece

The Queen Chess Piece ... each game begins with two Queens on the board - 1 White; 1 Black.

They have a relative value score of 9, so she is the highest value piece on the board, barring the King (which is invaluable - more about this in the King Chess Piece article).

The relative weighting sees the Queen ranked above the Pawns (1); the Knights (3); the Bishops (3); the Rooks (5), but, as mentioned, is ranked below the King (invaluable).


Take a look at the image below (screenshot from Chess Titans game), which shows the White Queen Chess Piece - on the gold highlighted square - about to move:

Queen Chess Piece Scenario

Not only can the Queen move along BOTH the straight and diagonal squares, she can move to any square within line of sight - from one end or side of the board to the other, and corner to corner.

In terms of moves, the Queen chess piece is very formidable. Just take another look at that image (above)...

The legal moves, in this scenario, that are in line of sight for the turn of White's Queen, are:

  • To any ONE of the blue-highlighted squares;

  • To any ONE of the red-highlighted squares.

Moving to any of these blue-highlighted squares would just result in a positional move, but no enemy pieces would be captured.

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So, moving to any of the red-highlighted squares would result in you capturing ONE of either your opponent's three Pawns, or the Rook ...

Queen Chess Piece Scenario

As you can see, you've got a choice to make ...
What Tactics would you use here? ...
Move and capture, or just move to another position?

Here's what White can do with his Queen:

  1. Capturing the Rook would lead to removing one of Black's more influential - dangerous, to you - pieces, but could leave the Queen isolated for a while, should Black's next move be to move the Pawn [in front of his Queen-side Bishop] forward one square.

  2. Capturing the Pawn [in-between both Queens] wouldn't be a good move, as your Queen would be captured on Black's next move - by either his Pawn [in front of the Queen-side Bishop], Queen or [King-side] Bishop.

  3. Move to an unthreatened square ... Staying in that position IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE, as it's currently under threat from Black's Knight [on the King's side] ... If you do nothing else, get your Queen off that spot and to safety.

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The main weakness of the Queen chess piece is? Hazard a guess?


It's been mentioned already, that the Queen is a powerful piece, in terms of moves-available-per-turn and ability to threaten any piece, in line of sight, from completely opposite ends of the board.

Beginners, due to lack of experience, are likely to go out of their way to protect the Queen chess piece ... AT ALL COST.

So blinded are they by the Queen's power of movement, and so afraid of being severely weakened by the loss of their Queen, that any possibility of the Queen being captured is to be avoided as a priority ...

To a certain extent, they're right to guard their Queen, as she's a formidable weapon and a key piece that can prove decisive in victory.

However, an experienced player will often exploit this psychological dilema of the beginner and use the Queen as bait, in order to gain a positional advantage for their endgame ...

They're not overly concerned as, if they can advance one of their Pawns to their opponent's back row, they get to bring the Queen back, due to the rules of Pawn Promotion (a Special Move, exclusive to the Pawn only, and explained in the article about the Pawn Chess Piece).

In the video clip, (above), White's Queen-Loss phobia loses two Knights, for a single Bishop ... However, with a bit more experience, White might spot an opportunity to allow his Queen to be sacrificed, in order to secure a crushing victory.

That Checkmate example, in the video, is actually a Famous Checkmate, known as Legall's Mate.

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