Protected Passed Pawn:
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Protected Passed Pawn
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Protected Passed Pawn

Point Count Chess - IE - Diagram 175 - Page 250-251 PCC, The Protected Passed Pawn.
Example #1

(p250-251) Diagram NO.175
Example Sequence
The Protected
Passed Pawn

This example looks at using the Protected Passed Pawn as something of a threat. It's not actually taken all the way to Promotion, but the mere threat of that becoming a reality keeps the enemy King occupied.

With your original Passed Pawn keeping the enemy King occupied, your King is then free to focus on removing the enemy Pawn Majority on the opposite side of the board, creating a new Passed Pawn ... and THAT is the Pawn which your King escorts up the board, to gain Promotion.

Further Reading

Point Count Chess (Horowitz & Mott-Smith, 1960)
  • The Protected Passed Pawn, (p250)
  • The Passed Pawn SUMMARY, (p254)

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