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You've heard about an excellent, free Flash Game called SparkChess and want to know where you can play it.

SparkChess is the new name for the popular, free, web-based Chess Game that was called Flash Chess III. Besides the name change and new Look & Feel, everything else that made Flash Chess III so well liked, still remains in the 'free' version.

SparkChess / Flash Chess III

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

If you've yet to see it, the following video clip shows you the main features of the 'free' version, of SparkChess:

I now use Fritz 12, as my Chess Training Software, but if you don't have anything to play with, yet, then SparkChess will give you all you need to explore the Basics of Chess (how the Pieces move, etc.).

See our Beginners Chess Guide, if you're totally new to Chess - you'll find the Link, as well as the one that'll take you to, below.

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