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You want to play Chess over the Internet.

What you didn't specify is whether you want to play games against another human (human-vs-human), or against a computer program (human-vs-computer).

I'll assume you'd prefer "free" as well, so we'll stick to the websites where you can play games of Chess without having to hand over any money for the privilege ...

We'll begin with the human-vs-computer option (as there's only ONE decent, free game, that I've found) ...

Then I'll mention my current favorite human-vs-human Chess website, where you can play chess for free.


For me, SparkChess offers the best in terms of playability, while being free to play.

I've got Fritz 12 on my computer at home, so I no longer need another computer to play against. But, if I didn't have the awesome Fritz, and I didn't want to pay just yet, then is where I'd go to play internet Chess against a computer, for free.


You'll find enough opponents here to make your games enjoyable - there's plenty of variety for a decent game of Chess against another human.

Mind you, that could be said about other websites (mentioned below). However, what I really like about is how fast you can get into a game, from your very first visit to their website.

All you have to do is create a name for yourself, then click "Start Game" ...

Chess Glossary - Instant Chess - Start Game

... I bet you don't make it to a count of 10 seconds, before you're in a game.

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