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You want to play games of Chess, but you don't specify whether you want Human-vs-Human, or Human-vs-Computer games. So, we'll point you in the direction of two, good, free websites (one for each type). (Human-vs-Human)

When you put "now" in your query, you're looking for almost instant gratification, right?

Well, you can't get much quicker than this. As soon as you get to, you'll find the following form:

Chess Glossary - Instant Chess - Start Game

Yep, that's it - just enter a nickname/alias/your own name/etc., click the "Start Game" button and you'll literally wait just seconds before somebody takes up your challenge.

As you clicked to Start a game, you'll be playing White's army, so have your Opening plan ready!

SparkChess (Human-vs-Computer)

If you prefer your games to be against a computer - so you can undo moves, or quickly start a new game if you screw up mid-way - the best free option I've come across, for a decent, leisurely game of Chess, is at

The animation of the moves is slick and legal moves are highlighted with a green glow, (if you're a beginner, you'll appreciate this sort of visual aid). Difficulty-wise, you get to choose from three different levels:

  • Beginner;
  • Casual;
  • Advanced.

There is a fourth level, Guru, but that's only available if you pay to download the full version of SparkChess. However, it's not necessary, as you can still get to play enjoyable games of Chess with the three free levels.

You can access both websites just mentioned and play chess now via the Recommended Links, below:

Recommended Links:

KEYWORD: Play Chess Now
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