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Whether for chess training or casual games, you're after software for playing chess, rather than playing against a human.

Here, you'll see how to get playing Chess - against the computer - in the following three Chess programs, for your computer (PC, not Mac):

  1. WinBoard (Free to download and play)
  2. Chess Titans (Free on selected Windows Vista/7 OS)
  3. Fritz 12 (Sophisticated chess training software. Er, not free.)

Play Chess Against: WinBoard

This video shows how to setup a game to be played against the computer, in WinBoard ...

WinBoard. Click To Begin Download.

WinBoard is the only free Chess program I'd choose to download. I do know of others, but they don't offer the depth of customization that you get with WinBoard.

By the way, in the above video, you see I make moves (as White) and my timer starts ticking away. You may notice Black's clock (controlled by the computer) doesn't budge ...

It will start to count down at some stage, but the processor is so quick it barely registers when the computer makes its move.

Give it a try, you'll see it's not so bad. Just focus on your own plans and WinBoard will give you a good game.

Play Chess Against: Chess Titans

This video shows how to setup a game to be played against the computer, in Chess Titans ...

Whether you get to play Chess Titans will depend on whether you have a PC running one of the selected versions of Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 (it's not available on Home Basic or Windows Vista Starter editions).

Play Chess Against: Fritz 12

This video shows how to setup a game to be played against the Chess Engine, Fritz. (I'm using my copy of Fritz 12, for this clip) ...

If you want to take your games of Chess more seriously, Fritz 12 is feature-packed with training and analysis tools.

I've been using it since I was a beginner to chess - Fritz 12 was my first experience of hardcore Chess Training Software and it's been good value.

Fritz 12 isn't just aimed at beginners; elite and professional tournament players, such as GM Garry Kasparov, also use Fritz to train for Chess tournaments by analyzing positions, moves and games.

Hope this answers your query: Play Chess Against Computer.

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