Perpetual Pursuit, Example 3:
Part of the Chess Endgame Guide (Section 2: Stalemate)

Chess Endgame Guide
Stalemate by Perpetual Pursuit
[Example 3]

Perpetual Pursuit, Example 3
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Chess Endgame Guide - Stalemate by Perpetual Pursuit, Example 3This example shows White's Queen and a Black Rook making the same, repetitive moves, three times in a row, resulting in Stalemate.

At first it may not be clear who benefits more.

But, White appears to have more advantages: King is safely Castled; Queen dangerously advanced into Black's territory, and White's Center Pawns with a 2-v-1 advantage. So, I'd say...

Black salvages the Draw.

Perpetual Pursuit, Example 3
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Perpetual Pursuit, Example 3
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