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Pawn Structure (General Formations)
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General Formations
- Pawn Chains -

When Pawns advance into a formation that has a few of them in a line, along a diagonal path, this group is known, collectively, as a Pawn Chain.

Pawn Chains are strongest at the tip, with the front Pawn being protected by a 'chain' of protected Pawns.

Conversely, the Weakest part of the Pawn Chain is at the BASE - the Pawn at the very bottom - as this tail Pawn ISN'T protected by any other Pawn ...

It stands to reason, therefore, that the Base of the Pawn Chain is where you ATTACK, first!

Should the Base be out of reach, look for a point further up the Chain, to launch your attack ... A good point seems to be the middle Pawn of the LAST 3 Pawns in the Chain (see the video, to get a better idea).

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