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Pawn Structure (General Formations)
[Full Pawn Center]

General Formations
- Full Pawn Center -

When a player gets both central Pawns into the Small Center, it creates what is known as a Full Pawn Center.

Having a Full Pawn Center gives your two Pawns control of the four squares in your opponent's territory, situated in the Center.

The two quickest ways to achieve a Full Pawn Center, if you're playing as White, are to play either the King's Gambit or Queen's Gambit and be in luck with your opponent "Accepting" the Gambit offering.

Both of those Gambits are shown in the video clip, above and it's strongly recommended that you take a couple of minutes to study them ... By all means, give them a try in your favorite Chess game (open SparkChess, if you don't yet have one).

You'll see the two Center Pawns, plus the captured Gambit Pawn, leave quite a gap, which will be a real temptation for your opponent's Bishops, Queen and Knights to exploit early on.

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