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Winning Chess Strategies - TeaserThis article includes my notes, additional images and interactive chess positions from my study of Yasser Seirawan's book, Winning Chess Strategies.

Winning Chess Strategies,
Revised edition
ISBN: 978-1-85744-385-1
Chapter 1. Overwhelming Your Opponent (p15-21)

Seirawan Strategy Examples:
  • #1: After capturing, consolidate
    before attacking again.
  • #2: Find a target and try to figure
    out a way to attack it!

Overwhelming Your Opponent

Strategy #1 surrounds what to do if you capture enemy material: Before launching further attacks consolidate your position, (refer to Yasser Seirawan's example, featuring Diagram 1, below)

Chess Strategies - SSE - Diagram 1 - Page 16 Seirawan Strategy Example #1
(p16), Diagram 1: White to play.
Seirawan-Karpov, London, 1982.
Following any capture you make, be patient with your play, as further opportunities will present themselves in good order and your army will be ready for the next available capture, further reducing your enemy's ability to resist and/or mount counterattacks of their own.

Remember, in the Opening phase of a game, your main focus should be on getting your army developed and your King Castled to safety - once those objectives have been completed, then you can begin advancing on, towards your enemy's position.

Don't allow yourself to get overanxious about attacking; stay calm and focus on completing your Opening phase development.

Chess Strategies - SSE - Diagram 2 - Page 19 Seirawan Strategy Example #2
(p19), Diagram 2: White to play.
The example featuring Diagram 2, left, shows White with a Material Advantage. Strategy #2 here is to find a target and try to figure out a way to attack it! ...

Targets you plan to attack should be stationary. A moving target is harder to hit and will consume more resources to nail down. So, pick targets which are still and incapable of moving.

In Chess, "stationary targets" are typically Pawns that are stuck and cannot advance; or material caught by well executed Tactics, such as Pins, Skewers, Forks, etc.

Moving On: Throwing Away a Material Advantage (Page 3).

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