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You want to know when the game of Chess came into being.

Now then, from my understanding of it all, when it comes to the matter of when Chess was created/invented, we need to be aware of two significant points in history ...

  1. 6th Century (A.D.) India
  2. 12-13th Century Spanish & Portuguese

Origin of Chess: India
(circa. 6th Century A.D.)

It is the opinion of many - and no less than those stalwarts at Wikipedia - that Chess, as we know it today, evolved from a military-based game, played amongst the people of the Gupta Empire, which ruled India between the years AD 320 and AD 600.

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Gupta Empire

To the Gupta Indians, the game was known as Chaturanga - a term which means "divided into four parts", when translated from the classical Indian language called Sanskrit.

During the Gupta reign, Chaturanga was a military term, which described a platoon of the Indian army.

The platoon itself was sub-divided into four parts / divisions. These, apparently were the:

  • Elephant Division (modern equivalent: Bishops<;/li>
  • Chariot Division (modern equivalent: Rooks;
  • Horseback Division (modern equivalent: Knights;
  • Foot-soldier Division (modern equivalent: Pawns.

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Origin of Chess: Spain/Portugal
(circa. 12-13th Century A.D.)

Just to speed up historical events, Chaturanga, as it was known by the Gupta Indians, is believed to have travelled West, across Persia, where the game took on a new name, "Shatranj" ...

From Persia, Shatranj was brought across to Morocco, North West Africa and it is believed that, circa. AD 900, the Moors (of Morocco) took the game with them on their travels across the Straight of Gibraltar, at the neck of the Mediterranean Sea, and on into Southern Spain, most likely at the Port of Tarifa.

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It is believed that the rules of Shatranj were slightly modified in southern Europe, during the 1200s and that a major contribution, in terms of development of the modern game of Chess, came from the Spaniards and Portuguese, around about this period.

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